Math Tutors and More!

Why settle for an ordinary math tutor when you can have Mathnasium? A traditional math tutor will help you complete tonight's homework. Mathnasium tutoring has been proven to provide kids the skills and understanding they need for success… in school, college, and beyond!

  Mathnasium Tutor Traditional Math Tutor
Quality Our math tutors are professionals, trained and certified in the Mathnasium Method. Variable quality.
Results Extensive qualitative and quantitative data prove beyond a doubt that Mathnasium math tutoring improves student performance. No record of effectiveness.
Depth of Service Homework help, of course, and much more. Mathnasium employs a proprietary curriculum that addresses core mathematical topics. Our tutors don't just alleviate the symptom (tonight's homework problems); we bridge the gaps in understanding that created the difficulties in the first place. Homework help.
A Great Tutor… AND a Great Method A center director who is responsible for your child's learning, plus a team of expert math tutors dedicated to your child's success, supported by a worldwide organization focused on teaching math to kids. One person.
Assessment Extensive oral and written assessments give us a three dimensional picture of your child. Ad hoc assessment.
Measurement Pre and post testing, performance charts, and personalized detailed progress reports. Ad hoc progress measurement.
Availability Our math tutors are available 5-7 days a week, when it's convenient for you. Fixed schedule.
Tutoring Expertise Tutoring expertise from Pre-K to Pre-Calculus *. Limited range.
Certification Certified by the California State department of Education and others. Unregulated.
Cost Affordable, and high value for the dollar. Expensive.

* Pre-K to Grade 1 at participating centers